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A young woman takes matters into her own hands to fight the abuse, jealousy and injustice of Edwardian London’s music halls.


The themes of the #MeToo movement resonate in this period drama, where young women were routinely abused and exploited in Edwardian London’s musical halls. However, the Edwardian era was also a pivotal time for women, with the rise of the suffragette movement and the emancipation of women in the workplace. So it was perhaps merely a matter of time before one young woman rallied her supporters and took on the all powerful theatre owners. 


Taking inspiration from the real-life Music Hall Wars of 1907 and influenced by the stories of female theatrical agents, this story demonstrates that determination and courage can overcome tyranny and injustice.

WGofA Registered 2019. ©2019

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FINALIST - Screenplay Festival - 2020_wh
SILVER AWARD - WRPN Womens International
SEMI-FINALIST - Vancouver International


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In modern day Venice, a gifted violinist who has fallen into addiction, is forcibly parted from her newborn baby. Her struggle to find her daughter echoes the life of an 18th century courtezan who defied authority to be with her child.

Drawing on the historical intrigue of the religious orphanages of composer Antonio Vivaldi’s Venice, and the modern day work of their legacy charities,  this story explores the similarities between women forced to give up their children in eighteenth century Venice and those faced with the same desperate choices today.  Using Vivaldi’s music to link the historic with the modern, it explores how lives can descend into unimaginable horror, and yet the bond between a mother and her child remains constant.  

WGofA Registered 2019 ©2019

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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Berlin International Art Film Festival - 2022_white.png



At the height of World War Two, a young woman who hides her true sexuality is conscripted into Britain’s newly formed Women’s Searchlight Regiment.  Facing the horrific realities of war, she discovers a natural ability to lead and inspire, but her sexuality jeopardises her flourishing army career when a rival threatens to out her.  


WGofA Registered 2021. ©2022

The Dreamfishers

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When a portal between the unconscious and the waking worlds is breached, the energy filled dreams of the young are harvested by malevolent forces to control the dreamworld. Battling both her own doubts and fears and the physical perils of the dark realm, teenager Esther Blake must take the adventure of a lifetime, travelling deep into her unconscious, to rescue her sister and restore the balance of dreamworld.

Existing within a magical reality the story proposes that we live our modern lives in parallel with an unconscious, dream world filled with both benevolence and malevolence, Thrown into the clash between the conscious and unconscious worlds, Esther discovers there is a realm beyond accepted science and through her adventures  is reminded that the most important thing in life is the strength of love and acceptance within your own family.

WGofA Registered 2019 ©2019

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